“4chan’deki türkiye tartışması

4chan’deki türkiye tartışması


    aslanlarımız 2-3 kişi tam anlamıyla japon dan tutun da israilliye kadar herkesle kavgaya tutuşmuş.

    kanadalı birinin yazdıgı şey

    ı don’t understand turkish people (ı won’t call them cockroaches, because ı’m being serious here and memes are a fucking joke).

    australians can be witty and funny. canadians, swedes, brits and most of europeans are fucking cucks, but they can bring some nice banter to the table from time to time. americans are over protective about their 2nd endangerment. every country has a little something you like about them. except turkey. turkey is full of muslims, shitskinned hairy apes and have nothing witty to say but: “kek we cuckin u”. unlike other arabic/muslim countries, they don’t acknowledge their own miserable existence. they even seem proud of it.

    wouldn’t a subhuman seek to improve? fuck, even ısıs scum are trying to improve by attempting to spread, by force, their ideology. turks just sit around being annoying fags.

    nobody like you, why do you even come back? why don’t you just fucking end your life?

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