2017’de izlenecek 9 teknoloji savaşı (İng) “The 9 tech fights to watch in 2017

In 2017, tech companies will have to adapt to a new reality. President Trump and his cabinet of billionaires will shape government regulation for companies across the tech industry. And while pre-election, many thought markets would collapse with a Trump win, and post-election, many questioned their naïveté that business wouldn’t respond well to a Trump presidency, it’s actually a mix of both for the tech world. “If you’re a company whose product is enmeshed in a core Democratic philosophy like cannabis or ed tech, this could be more challenging for you,” Bradley Tusk, a consultant who works with Uber and other tech companies on their regulatory strategies, told Mashable .

Kaynak: The 9 tech fights to watch in 2017

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