Gazetecilerin Corona virüsü haberlerini yaparken kullandıkları araçlar ve teknolojiler (İngilizce)

A commuter wears a face mask in the New York City transit system, Monday, March 9, 2020, in New York. New York continued grappling Monday with the new coronavirus, as case numbers, school closings and other consequences grew. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

As if there was any doubt, thanks to technology we know for certain that everybody is focused on the spreading coronavirus outbreak.

We can tell that everybody is writing about coronavirus with MuckRack Trends, which reports a whopping 1.6 million articles about the virus since the beginning of the year.

We can tell that everybody is reading about coronavirus with Currents, a tool that tracks what types of news stories are most popular across the whole of the journalism landscape. As I’m writing this, all but two of the top 10 topics are explicitly about the virus, and the other two are Donald Trump (possibly also in reference to the outbreak) and Bernie Sanders.

We can tell that everybody is talking about the coronavirus, well, by looking at social media or reading email or speaking with just any other human being. But if you’re looking for something a little more curated, check CrowdTangle, the content discovery and social monitoring platform. The team there put together a social media display of U.S. coronavirus coverage………….

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Erkan Saka

Lecturer @Bilgi_PR; Blogger; Metalhead; BJK Fan; @SosyalKafa Coordinator; Bilgi PRCC Director

Erkan Saka

Lecturer @Bilgi_PR; Blogger; Metalhead; BJK Fan; @SosyalKafa Coordinator; Bilgi PRCC Director

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