BBC’nin Edward Snowden ile röportajı (İngilizce)

‘Are you a traitor?’ The BBC Panorama interview with Edward Snowden

open Democracy News Analysis – by Peter Taylor and Edward Snowden

‘The question is, if I was a traitor, who did I betray?’ This is the exclusive full transcript of the interview with Edward Snowden, aired on BBC World TV on 10 October 2015.

Snowden mask at the Freiheit statt Angst (Freedom not fear) march in Berlin, 30 August 2014. mw238_Flickr. Some rights reserved

Snowden mask at Freedom not Fear march, Berlin. Flickr/mw238. Some rights reserved.

Peter Taylor: Why did you decide to do what you did?

Edward Snowden: When I was sitting at my desk, working with tools of mass surveillance every day, I saw that all of our communications were being intercepted all of the time in the absence of any suspicion of wrongdoing. And this was something that was occurring without our knowledge, without our consent.

I worked as an infrastructure analyst. I had a special level of clearance, called ‘Priv Ac’, privileged access. Where normal people have to request access to this document or that document, I had access to everything by nature of my role.

And that included documents from the British government.

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