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The Jockey is a short story from the books “The New Yorker” and “The Ballad Of The— Sad Cafe.” It was written by Carson McCullers. The story starts with three men talking at a restaurant while staring at The Jokey and criticizing him. Later on, they invite him over to their table but he takes their every word as a threat and gets offended by them. After a while, they get into an argument which ends with The Jockey going to the bar and ordering a drink as a reaction. The story ends with The Jockey saying “Libertines” and he also spits his food on the table. The three-man remain silent until somebody cleans it up. I think this word reflected the confined thoughts of the jockey and the silence of the man symbolized their responses to every predicament. I liked this story because the message that it gave impressed me. I think this story focuses on the message that people with a traumatic past will be affected by it in the future; They also might feel trapped in their misfortune that’s why the story ends with the Jockey saying libertines. The story takes place in a fancy dining room in Saratoga. It is about a jokey named Bitsy Barlow who had a terrible accident six months ago in Miami that traumatized him. He also seems arrogant and drinks a lot which doesn’t go with being a jockey. 


Crane, Milton. 50 Great Short Stories. Bantam Dell, 2005.

Erkan Saka

Academic; Blogger; Metalhead; BJK Fan; @SosyalKafa Coordinator

Erkan Saka

Academic; Blogger; Metalhead; BJK Fan; @SosyalKafa Coordinator

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