Verda Gürgen wrote: “Laughter Therapy”

               When dealing with sicknesses %44 of people don’t want surgery so they try lots of different techniques. One example is laughter therapy. Laughter therapy is better than using medicine since medicine has chemicals in it that can harm the body and immune system so if laughter therapy is a choice to cure a sickness, people should prefer that. According to the American Cancer Society; “The immune system suppressing drugs and medical treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy can increase the risk” (Laughter Therapy: Cancer Treatment Centers of America). Medicine and chemical therapy can cause a lot of harm to your body and that may change how your body functions or may affect future children, as they may have genetic problems. Some people who have genetic problems chose not to have children and risk the next generations. These days even people who have normal genetic problems choose to get checked first. That’s another valuable reason to prefer laughter therapy over medicine. 


Laughter therapy can also cure after-sickness depression which can be as harmful as the sickness that had been experienced before. After the sickness, the body would be so tired and you may be in a lot of pain. Laughter therapy can cure depression and it can even decrease the pain level. 

The laughter therapy center says; “Laughing can reduce stress and anxiety because it naturally relaxes you. Laughter induces your heart rate to slow down and your blood pressure to decrease.” “The benefits of treating depression with laughter” (Can laughter cure illness? ). After sickness depression is very serious because it can end in suicide. In the recovery step, people usually go to therapists but they can use laughter therapy too, it is much cheaper, and it may make your life easier and more fun. Laughter therapy can not only cure cancer but it can cure a lot of important diseases and it can help the pain treatment. Laughter therapy is the only therapy that can cure the disease and the after-sickness depression too. Pain is one of the biggest reasons to mourn at or at the end of the sickness.


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Erkan Saka

Academic; Blogger; Metalhead; BJK Fan; @SosyalKafa Coordinator

Erkan Saka

Academic; Blogger; Metalhead; BJK Fan; @SosyalKafa Coordinator

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